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Miguel Argüello Oviedo


I have 20 years of professional experience as a business consultant to companies and institutions in the public sector.


I am specialized in the areas of Legal Risk Management and Compliance Management Systems. I help companies that seek to improve the application of national and foreign regulations and foresee high-risk situations and impact on reputation issues due to mishandling of personal data of customers, suppliers and collaborators.


I am the creator of the Derecho e Inversion Blog, a web site dedicated to information about business, strategies and risks.

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My Values

Essential in the provision of my professional services


Honesty, respect, ethics and transparency are essential values of my professional life  


Comply with obligations, agreements and decisions in such a way that we execute them against all odds 


Be willing to learn to provide a better service to my customers every day than today's reality requires


With the family. With my profession. With my clients. With society. An essential value to work

Terraza Redonda


Law Degree - Universidad Católica Nicaragua

Master in Business Law - Universidad de Valladolid

Postgraduate in Risk Management  - EALDE Business School

Compliance Specialty - ADEN Business 

Specialty in Digital Law - CEUPE


Law Arbitrator -  Centro de Mediación y Arbitraje CCSN Nicaragua

Design Thinking Professional Certificate - Certiprof

Critical Thinking - MIT xPro

Expert Course in Risk Prevention and Treatment Policies - EALDE Business School 

International Commercial Arbitration Executive Program - Consejo General de la Abogacia Española e ICC España


World Compliance Association


Experienced business consultant with 20 years of experience advising medium and large companies in Central America. Consultant for over 25 companies, including clients such as La Colonia, Impobal, Sobam, Tumoni, Coinpay, TeleDolar, Panamerican Companies, AXIS, Biopas Laboratories, Comtech, Tizo, Magma 4X4, and others. 

I have a strategic thinking, focused on creating solutions and improving processes to obtain sustainable results in the medium and long term. 

Specialized in strategic management and planning, legal risk, and information security management. Extensive experience in key legal areas such as investment, company structuring, contracts, and regulatory compliance.


Advising companies in investment processes of up to $10 million and companies with capital valuation of up to $25 million. Expert in risk assessment and data research, as well as Design Thinking methodologies to create strategies.

International regulations allow me to provide consulting at the regional level to any company that seeks support in the implementation, adaptability and development of processes such as Compliance (ISO37301); Legal Risk Management (ISO31022); Analysis and mapping of regulations for digital environments; such as: Data Protection, Fintech, e-Commerce, and Contracting.

I have excellent knowledge of the socioeconomic and commercial context of each country in Central America, and this allows me to have a broad and clear vision of what companies need, where they move, their business models, the risks that exist and what they require to achieve their objectives 



If you have any questions about my services or you need to solve a doubt 

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