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I help you build the business that your company needs to move in the labyrinth of rules


I help to companies that want to strengthen their culture of compliance; learn to improve their legal risk management; implement personal data protection rules; and advise on legal issues of the technological environment.

Compliance Management System

With a Compliance system, companies can go through the labyrinth of rules and regulations that exist in the different legislations. Creating a culture of compliance and strengthening their values

Regulatory Market Analysis

We carry out research, analysis, evaluation and studies of regulatory reality in Latin American countries on technological issues, investment, business development, financial decisions, acquisitions and mergers.

Legal Risk Management

In the world we live in, with so much complexity of rules and contracts it is necessary, indispensable and important to know the legal risks, their impact and the effects they can have on companies.


We offer specialized advice on regulatory issues for financial technology companies in the Central American region. We help create self-regulating and compliance management policies

Personal Data Protection Policies

Local and international regulations oblige companies to improve data privacy and strengthen the protection of personal data. Therefore, policies, evaluations and training are required.


Constant training for your employees provides a range of opportunities for companies to keep up to date on standards, risks, data protection, compliance, special legislation, among others.

Companies that have trusted in Miguel Arguello

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