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These terms and conditions of legal notice, conditions of use, data privacy, use of cookies and spam establish the guidelines and practices for the protection of personal data, use of cookies and spam on the Miguel Argüello Oviedo - MA ESTRATEGIAS website generally indicated in the URL “”.


Miguel Argüello Oviedo - MA ESTRATEGIAS is an advisor on legal risk and strategy issues that provides advisory services in Central America.


I invite you to read the terms, the legal notice and the conditions of use, the data privacy policy, cookies and intellectual property very carefully. Likewise, the information on About Miguel and Services that I am providing as they will help you make informed decisions about sharing your personal information with me.




This Website grants access to information, services, programs or data on the Internet that belong to Miguel Argüello Oviedo - MA ESTRATEGIAS. The user assumes responsibility for the use of this Website


All the information that the user provides when visiting this Website through the Cookies policy or through the contact form or any subscription form that was sent must be current, true, truthful and lawful, otherwise it will be subject to legal actions in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.


Once you have contacted through the form that corresponds to this Website in order to contract the services or make an eminently legal query or that involves some aspect of advice or potential advice, Miguel Argüello Oviedo can send you a new Comprehensive Profile form of Potential Client (PIPC) or Integral Client Profile (PInC) when necessary, whose information provided by the user must be current, truthful, legitimate, legal and verifiable.

This Website provides information on legal matters, investment, services, country information and should only be understood in a general and not particular way and can not be assumed in any case as legal advice or indication as it does not replace specific advice which in In any case, it must be requested through the appropriate channels.


The user of this page undertakes to make fully appropriate use of the content, services and information that it provides; and in any case, the user of this page undertakes and obliges not to use the general, particular or indicative information, which is illustrative, but not limiting, to be used in:


a) illicit, illegal or contrary to the Law, regulations, good faith and public order activities of any of the countries where the Website is viewed, located, advertised or accessed;


b) the user may not disseminate content or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic nature, advocating terrorism, money laundering or whose direct or indirect objective is to go against the rights of third parties that are protected by national and international regulations; 


c) The user undertakes not to cause damage to the physical and logical systems of Miguel Argüello Oviedo - MA ESTRATEGIAS, its suppliers or third parties, introduce or spread computer viruses or any other physical or logical systems that are susceptible to it of causing the aforementioned damages; and


d) The user agrees not to disseminate content of a pornographic nature, human trafficking, sexual violence, domestic violence, among others, and that are protected by national and international legislation.


Be a user of the Website of Miguel Argüello Oviedo - MA ESTRATEGIAS is to acknowledge having read and accepted each of the conditions, terms and indications and all legal regulations that are fully applicable. Likewise, it accepts the commitment to respect and not violate any of the provisions established herein or that the laws and regulations of the matter establish or may establish. Yes, for any reason that means not being satisfied with the conditions and terms of this Website, I request not to continue with the use of the Website and its content.


What information do I collect?


Personal information through the contact or advisory forms, or any other that in the course of the communication can be made from and through the Website; such as, but not limited to, contact, subscription, registration or other forms that are on the Website. 


InP (Personal Information) may include identification information, contact information, and technical information, among other data:

  • Names and surnames

  • Email

  • Social media account (FaceBook, LinkedIn)

  • Telephone numbers

  • Identification document

  • City and country of residence

  • Organization to which it belongs

  • Position in the organization

  • Sector to which the organization belongs (public, private or civil)

  • Questions for recognition of a risk situation specific to the advice that can be provided


In addition to the above, there is also anonymous data that is directly related to the behavior of the user during the visit to this Website; either through cookies, pixels or similar technologies, including Machine Learning, artificial intelligence used for the purpose of improving the user experience. Among others, it could collect the time of the visit and the contents visited to improve the experience, transmission speed, interaction and others. 


Anonymous data related to the access tools and your interaction with the Website, such as IP address, browser and device characteristics, language preferences or referrer URLs and other technical information.



Your privacy is very important to me and I take it very seriously to keep your trust as one of my priorities and as a right that we all have. I am looking for ways to ensure your right to keep your personal information confidential and I am attentive to not sending information that is not requested or approved by you. Thus, under national and international norms, laws and regulations, all the information that is provided through the contact, subscription, registration or other forms that are or will be on the Website, will be incorporated as it is due to a file, which is created and managed by Miguel Argüello Oviedo - MA ESTRATEGIAS through the forms provided by the company that hosts the site These information data may be used with the intention of managing the service offered, responding to requests, queries or comments, statistical management, sending technical, commercial or advertising information by ordinary or electronic means, the latter if the user has consented. use through a subscription form to the service offered.


In case of having questions about this Data Privacy Policy, and if the user wishes to apply the ARCO rights to obtain access, rectification, correction or opposition; as well as suspend, or eliminate the processing of your personal data by Miguel Argüello Oviedo - MA ESTRATEGIAS or suspend the subscription to any of my newsletters, bulletins, advertising, promotions or offers, I ask you to please contact me or my team by sending an email to:  


It is important to note that you can exercise your rights at any time and for free by contacting the aforementioned email indicating the right you wish to exercise and your data with which you identify yourself.




What are Cookies?


A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer; be it a laptop, desktop computer or mobile device and that has the objective of storing data that can be updated and recovered by the person responsible for its installation.


The information saved through cookies may include the IP address, date and time of visits to the Website, the pages that have been viewed within the Website, as well as the time that has been on my Website and the sites visited before and after it and also other browsing data. Therefore, cookies allow information about your browsing habits to be obtained. 


This Website is hosted on the platform. provides me with the online platform that allows me to offer the products and services. Your data may be stored through data storage, databases and general applications. According to the statements that has made, they store your data on secure servers behind a firewall that protects them.


Miguel Argüello Oviedo - MA ESTRATEGIAS on its own account or that of a third party contracted to provide measurement services, may use cookies when the user makes use of this Website. The cookies that are used on this Website are like Google Analytics that serve to identify and distinguish a user. They store a unique customer identifier (Client ID), which is generated randomly. It is used to calculate user interactions (visits, user data, sessions and campaigns), in order to optimize the services they offer. Others are used to identify the same user for a single day. In no case are personal data of the user provided.


Here I include the link to the Google website where you can consult the description of the type of cookies used by Google Analytics and their expiration period: hl=es.


Through the use of cookies, it is possible for the server where the web is located to recognize the web browser used by the user in order to make browsing easier. They are also used to measure the audience and traffic parameters, control the process and number of entries.


The user has the possibility of configuring their browser to be notified of the reception of cookies and to prevent their installation on their equipment. I ask you to review the instructions of the browser you use so that you know more about it and have control over cookies.


In any case, cookies are temporary with the sole purpose of making their subsequent transmission more efficient. In no case will cookies be used to collect personal information.



Miguel Argüello Oviedo is the owner of all rights to digital publications; as well as the rights of industrial and intellectual property that have as reference the contents that are included, with the exception of the rights on products and services of a public nature that are not the property of Miguel Argüello Oviedo. Also excepted are those images used and that have been provided by third parties to whom credit will be given according to the corresponding policies in this regard, with the exception of those that have been taken, created or made by Miguel Argüello Oviedo.


It is totally and absolutely prohibited to reproduce, copy, publish material published on this Website without the written consent of Miguel Argüello Oviedo - MA STRATEGIES.


All information received on the Website, such as comments, observations, suggestions or ideas, will be considered transferred to Miguel Argüello Oviedo - MA STRATEGIES for free.

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